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One of the most important reasons why parents would send their children to Maxwell School is to offer them a strong bicultural tailor-made education that addresses both their strengths and their individual needs. A small school with a small teacher/student ratio allows educators and staff to know the students and their needs. This also helps to promote an environment that gives children the ability to not only develop their talents but a strong set of values as well.


Maxwell School is uniquely poised to be able to help all students tackle the challenges of their learning while offering them emotional, social and cultural growth that will allow them to evolve into responsible and successful adults.

The aim of our model is to ensure that each student receives a well-rounded bilingual curriculum that targets his or her academic, emotional and social communication needs through the use of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. The school provides a dynamic, stimulating environment that fuels the quest for knowledge, allowing our pupils to achieve their individual potential as well as enabling them to transport this learning to other aspects of their lives.

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Our purpose is to recreate an education that is structured by the British curriculum, yet prepared to teach students for a changing world. Our vision is to promote creative, joyful, compassionate learners who use innovative thinking to build a passion for learning.Our mission is to inspire each student to strive for academic excellence while becoming intrinsically motivated to learn and fully engaged in life.


We value diversity and inclusion in the conviction that a learning community is intellectually and morally strengthened when many different voices, viewpoints, and backgrounds are engaged and learning from each other.

Learning is not only a cognitive and social experience, but also an identity experience. We believe communities are stronger when everyone – students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni – can bring their entire identity to school/work and are valued for their contributions. We define cultivating a positive self-identity as getting to know who you are, what your values are, and loving and accepting what it is about you that makes you different.


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EYFS – Year 11


Our academic programme in both Primary and Middle School runs Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.15. We also offer morning supervision starting at 8.00 and after school club supervision until 17.15 for parents who need to drop off or pick up their children outside our regular school hours.

We recommend that you arrive with your child 15 minutes prior to the school start where you will leave them at the gate. For reasons of safety, children are not to be left unsupervised outside of the school gate. Thank you for helping us foster a safe and caring environment at Maxwell School.

The school day starts promptly at 9.00. It can be quite unsettling for children to arrive late and miss the teacher’s introduction to the day.


Due to allergies, please note that Maxwell School is a nut-free school.

We outsource our food facilities to the caterer Aramark. They are committed to a daily diet based upon the study of nutritional specialists who design a healthy and balanced meal using the best quality ingredients.



We believe in enriching your child’s learning, boosting self-confidence and developing an understanding of the community through the discovery of the outside world and through out-of-hours learning. We offer a series of after-school clubs not only for our students, since we welcome children attending different schools.
In the current academic year we shall be offering a variety of clubs.


The uniform consists of:
Grey uniform trousers and tartan kilt skirts
Navy blue tights
Navy blue cardigans or Hoddies
White Oxford shirts with logo (Winter)
White polo shirts with logo (Summer)
Plain black shoes, no coloured laces; plain, practical black trainers
Old shirts for art lessons
P.E. Uniform
Maxwell blue P.E. shorts or tracksuit bottoms
Maxwell top
Maxwell P.E. shirt
Plain practical trainers or plimsolls (for indoor use)

The uniform can be purchased in the school office.



Our school has two campuses and currently accommodates pupils from 3 to 16 years old. They are located in the El Viso residential district of Madrid, in the Barrio de Salamanca.  Both campuses are situated very close to the República Argentina metro station (Line 6) while buses 51, 7, 16, 19, C1 and C2 all stop a minute or two from the school gates.

The Serrano building is surrounded by a walled play area. The building is in exemplary condition having recently undergone a full refurbishment.  The second campus is located a 5-minute walk away in a quaint El Viso house that provides the older students with a college-like atmosphere.

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