Why Maxwell School?

Maxwell School provides a unique learning experience for children that helps to prepare them for a brilliant future. Our drive to recreate education for the 21st century is reflected in everything we do every day. This can be seen in our innovative teaching methods, our passion for technology, collaborating not only within the classroom but with other educational communities as well as parents. Our child-centered teaching is supported by a world class team of teachers in addition to support from visiting artists, musicians and specialists from the technological world.

If you would to participate in this transformative an innovative experience that will take our children into the future, please feel free to submit your CV.

“Maxwell School offers the British National Curriculum and enriches it through children´s questions and curiosity about the world.”



We can offer a curriculum that is built from children’s questions and wonderings about the world, built on our human and natural desire to create and do.

Linda Barbour,
Founder and Head of School


  • Linda

    The way we teach in Maxwell School creates a passion about learning which will last a lifetime.

  • Cliff

    The 2014 National Curriculum allows us to be flexible and creative in the way we teach.

  • Hazel Janet
    Hazel Janet
  • Monica Molins
    Monica Molins
  • Melody Lillian
    Melody Lillian
  • Victoria Rachel
    Victoria Rachel
  • Carlos Bolaños
    Carlos Bolaños
  • Alexa Skye
    Alexa Skye
  • Christina Killeen
    Christina Killeen
  • Isabelle Mizzi
    Isabelle Mizzi
  • Belen Garcia
    Belen Garcia
  • Sandra Felisa Hernandez
    Sandra Felisa Hernandez
  • Maria Elena Fernandez
    Maria Elena Fernandez
  • Ana Cano
    Ana Cano
  • Peter Mccabe
    Peter Mccabe
  • Antonio De Leyva
    Antonio De Leyva
  • María González
    María González


Authentic learning demands collaboration among teachers to integrate the curriculum, teaching a given topic across multiple disciplines in a way that offers students additional perspective and greater understanding. Our teachers, therefore, go far beyond simply sharing information with students. They work diligently and intentionally to plan compelling, meaningful opportunities for authentic learning experiences.


Please send your CV, along with your cover letter to info@maxwellschool.es. We will be happy to hear from you.


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