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What can we do in an education that is worthy of the lives our children will live? Worthy of the world they will live in?


We can offer a school that speaks up rather than down to the intellects of children. We can offer a curriculum that is built from children’s questions and wonderings about the world, built on our human and natural desire to create and do. We can develop educational practices that foster — instead of hamper — creativity and innovation. We can launch the inventors, artists, and builders of the future who will act confidently and bravely in the face of a new world.
Maxwell School believes fiercely in the undeniable capacity of its students, and the faculty who work alongside them, to unleash their powers of discovery, investigation, and creativity in order to produce students who are articulate, confident, responsible citizens of the world.


Maxwell students celebrate differences, navigate our increasing diverse society and remain open to new ideas and experiences.


At Maxwell School the cornerstone to our teaching is the way students learn. Through the new British curriculum, we emphasize learning that relates to students’ experiences and the real world. Our program is reinforced by small classes and experiential, hands-on learning integrated across subjects.

Authentic learning demands collaboration among teachers to integrate the curriculum, teaching a given topic across multiple disciplines in a way that offers students additional perspective and greater understanding. Our teachers, therefore, go far beyond simply sharing information with students. They work diligently and intentionally to plan compelling, meaningful opportunities for authentic learning experiences.


Throughout our curriculum, teachers encourage creative problem solving, collaboration, and independent thinking.
Assessment for learning are opportunities which are a natural part of teaching and learning; are constantly taking place in the classroom through discussion, listening and analysis of work. It is essential that teachers know how well a child has progressed and that pupils understand how well they are doing and what they must learn to help them improve.


Our students are encouraged to become informed citizens of the world who respect others, work effectively in groups and treat each other with compassion and open mindedness.

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Technology is integrated into every aspect of modern life. Incorporating technology into our curriculum is not only a natural step for progressive education – it is essential to offering a truly authentic education to our students.

Classrooms are equipped with digital projectors, screens and sound systems to enable teachers to take full advantage of the enormous range of teaching resources on our network, and all students work with Google Chromebooks through Google Classroom.


Each child will also have the opportunity to work on his or her tablet, individually or in small groups. Tablets offer a unique opportunity to teach real-world lessons in using technology ethically and proficiently. It also offers countless opportunities for students to practice being critically and socially engaged. While this tool will never replace manual, hands-on experiences and teacher-student collaboration, it can deeply enrich those experiences.
All students are assigned an individual network account with e-mail, a personal file storage area and access to the Internet. Our online course management tool allows teachers to post assignments, syllabi and other resources. Students can access this platform on campus or at home, and can submit assignments electronically.
Technology, on the other hand, is not the only tool being used in the school.
Other resources to consider are the more traditional elements of education such as books, textbooks in addition to obtaining information from individuals, discussions, pictures, fieldtrips, etc.


Maxwell School believes that global citizenship requires engagement with diverse cultural perspectives. The School strives to instill in students a commitment to active service and a sense of responsibility for local, national, and world communities.


Maxwell students are passionate learners who believe in themselves and in the ability to make a difference in the world.

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